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Ellen Barker, a debut novelist, explores America’s racial realities through fiction

– Publishers Weekly

“In her debut novel, Ellen Barker used her childhood reminiscences to create a fascinating scenario that many of us would never have considered. The idea of returning to the house where you grew up, to a neighborhood that has changed so drastically in the intervening years, was pure genius. . . . I thoroughly enjoyed the read and can highly recommend it.”

– Readers Favorites, Five-Star Review


“Adept at sharing the innermost thoughts and decisions of her main character, Barker elevates a timeless dilemma of the human condition: Can one ever truly go home again? How does history reveal much that our day to day never knew? East of Troost delves courageously into such evocative territory, showing in the end how faith in mankind can transcend all ages.”

– Story Circle Network