I’ve been writing all my life–for teachers, friends, family, job. Now I am writing fiction for everyone. Telling the truth through fiction is my goal, with levity and a dash of pathos on the side.

Age 1, fascinated by my brother reading.

I grew up in Kansas City – which is in Missouri – and moved to Saint Louis for college and my first job. Except for a stint in Massachusetts, I’ve lived the rest of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have life-long interest as well as a BA in urban studies from Washington University in Saint Louis, which explains the grittier urban settings of some of my books. But my roots are rural; both my parents grew up on farms, and staying on my grandmother’s farm was the highlight of my childhood summers. That explains some books-in-progress. I can’t live everywhere in real life, but I can live there in the books I read and the books I write.

When I’m not reading or writing, I’m hiking, painting landscapes, or hanging out with my husband and our German shepherd Boris.