Why do we love books so much? It must be in our DNA. Sitting around the fire in the cave, traversing the plains as nomads, harvesting nuts and berries, we must have told stories. Cautionary tales (the snake that bit your uncle), teaching moments (how your uncle lived to tell about it), entertainment (he got that snake by the neck and roasted it alive), news (roast rattlesnake is tasty). We worked our way up to written language, then paper, then printing . . . and eventually sitcoms and Reddit and NextDoor (can anyone identify this snake on my patio??!!). It’s all stories, and we all tell them every day. Putting them into book form, though – that’s sublime.

My first novel, East of Troost, was published in September 2022 by She Writes Press. The second novel, Still Needs Work, dropped on June 11, 2024.  The Breaks will be released in February 2025. And more to come!

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East of Troost: A Novel by Ellen Barker, available wherever books are sold